Pet Beds: How to find the right Pet Bed

Finding the right pet bed for your beloved dog or cat may seem easy, but there are a couple of things you’ll want to consider before taking a trip to the pet store.
There are practically hundreds of pet beds to choose from. A more detailed insight on pet beds will allow you to find the right type of materialshow to fint the right pet bed photo and design that best fits you and your pets needs.
You will also want to be sensitive to the size of your pet bed. Many pet beds can come in sizes like extra small, small, medium, large, or extra large. It really depends on the type of animal you have and their overall sleeping style.

Here are just a few tips to help you find the right pet bed.

Weather it be online or in the pet shop. Think about your pet for awhile, how do they like to rest?  what kind of areas do they like to lay down in? what kind of resting position do they prefer? it will give you an idea of what bed will suit them best.

You’ll need to remember specific details on the type of materials your pet doesn’t like and the types they do like. If you don’t recall, you can always do a to find the right pet bed picture

Put away their older pet bed and set down two bed sheets on the floor. One should be made from cotton and the other from suede or another material you have in mind.

See which one they go to lie down on first. If they don’t lay on either of the sheets, they may be undecided about the new items on the floor.

In this case, you might need to put down an enclosed gate and place your pet inside, with the materials on the floor. Make sure there is no room for the original floor. See which side they go to and you’ll know which material they prefer.

Take a look at how your pet sleeps. For instance, does your cat sleep curled up or with their legs sprawled outwards?

If they always sleep with their legs out, you should find one of the pet beds that is one size larger than them so they will have enough space. Otherwise, there is a good chance they won’t sleep in their bed because it is too small for their sleeping style.

Selecting Orthopedic Pet Beds

There are many dog beds on the market today. Some of these beds have special medical uses. One such category of beds is Orthopedic Beds. These beds have been…

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Having a pet is like having a child at your home. Your pet deserves the best care from you. We provide here best pet beds for dogs and cats with many sizes.

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image of how to find the right pet bed

Choose a Pet Bed That Suits Your Home Sun, 03 Aug 2014 18:41:15 -0700

There are a lot of pet beds on the market. Companies have realized that people are willing to spend money on their pets, both to make sure that the animals are.

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Why We Need Pet Pens.

Pet pens can cpet pens imageome in handy, if  your pet  is becoming overly enthusiastic or aggressive  during play time and you constantly have to fend them off of you.  Then it continues during other daily activities which can be annoying or even  dangerous for the family and the pet itself!
All this even after you have tried teaching them not to do this for quite some time, it only goes through one ear and out the other.

If your training has failed – it might be time to step up and do something about it, then getting one of the many well made and secure pet pens available today, is maybe what you need.

There are many pet owners who do not have the luxury of a backyard for their dog  or cat to run so they end up being an inside pet. Other people have backyards that aren’t safe enough for the dog to run around.

For instance, your latest project has a pile of sharp barb wire in the corner of the yard while one side of the fence is missing. This could allow a quick escape route for your dog which is something we definitely don’t want!

We should be thankful for the invention of pet pens because they offer us everything our backyard doesn’t.

You can find a wide range of pet pens available today in many styles and different functions. The first thing you would want  to do is decide on it the size of the pen you need. Of course the aesthetics need not be forgotten as they come in various styles not just the wire fence type pen.

Using this product is very simple. All you have to do is use the pen latch which could be located in multiple places. Most of them have the latch at the top or on the exterior of the pen – leading to the very base.

Remember that we want to find a pen that is relatively large for the size of your pet so they have enough room for playing but enough room for you or any guests to get by. Having a pool size pet pen that consumes your whole apartment is most likely not something your spouse would want to come home too.

Depending upon the you decide to get, it can have a number of safety features. For example, if we take one into mind – I can show you some of those features.

The Richell Wooden Pet Pen has a double slide, locking door that is easy to step out of but won’t send your dog or other pets in a pens wood

Another safety feature is the full panel coverage. It ensures the wires don’t get crushed by having wooden panels along each side to make this pet cage sturdy.

This also makes it so your dog can’t escape quickly by jumping over the pen. You even get a floor tray just in case your pets have any accidents.

Pet pens sure can make life easier for you when trying to get something done without interruptions from your overly enthusiastic or aggressive  pet or just want to keep them safe in the backyard.

Pet pens allow you to safely house your pet  while they still get to enjoy the fresh air and sights and sounds of the great outdoors.


Dog Play Pen

Dog Play Pen. . . . . . . Dog Exercise Pens – Playpens & More – › Dog Supplies › Crates 32 results – Easy to set up a…

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Cat Condos For Sale

New Cat Condos for saleCat Trees, Your Choice Wed, 07 Jan 2015 22:00:44 -0800

Cat condos for sale. Rustle Rustle Meow Meow. What if a mad geneticist combined cats with trees? We think it would look adorable. (Like ’em? You can buy and wearcat condos for sale photo them too!) Bengal Willow: Persian Maple: Russian Blue Birch. Scottish Fold …

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cat condos and heaven. January 6, 2015. by Lucia Frangione. I have decided to completely rearrange all my furniture, because that’s an excellent thing to do one week after a hernia operation. “You’re doing WHAT?!” Cries Fellow on the …

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Kitty Condos, Large Cat Condo Trees & Cat Condo Furniture Sun, 27 Apr 2014 05:22:30 -0700

Our site is designed to easily guide you to the perfect size cat condo furniture, fancy kitty condos or large cat condo trees for the most playful cats.

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Cat condos for sale

Cat condos for sale. Solid, well built and loved by cats!

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cat condos for sale picture New post (The Hepper Pod Cat Bed – It’s Not Just Modern Cat Furniture, It’s a Warm Cat Cave with a Round Dome Top That Covers the Bed to Offer a Perfect Place to Cuddle up and Snooze. The Removable Fleece Bedding Is Washable and Reversible to Give Your Cat the Best Nap Ever.) has been published on Camping Hammock

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Mon Jul 27 17:08:16 +0000 2015

cat conods for sale image New Cat Condos 72″ Premiere Solid Wood Skyscraper Cat Tree

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image of cat condos for sale

Modular Cat Condos

An innovative alternative to traditional cat furniture, Catty Stacks are durable, and modular designer cat condos. Made in America from industrial-strength Corrugated Ultraboard™, Catty Stacks are recycled, recyclable, and long lasting. Create unique climbing structures to promote healthy exercise. Easily rearranged and relocated to maintain your cat’s interest. Great for one or many cats up to 20 pounds each. We all know cats LOVE boxes. Catty Stacks are better than boxes;

Made in the USA from industrial-strength Corrugated Ultraboard(TM)
Innovative, patent-pending design allows for unique configurations
Boxes secure to each other
6-inch and optional removable 10-inch diameter holes

#pet #lovely #durable #secure #furniture #made in USA #innovative design #cat #modular

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Cat Scratching Post Sisal

BUY Sisal Cat Furniture Perch Scratch Post, Brown Carpet Tue, 03 Mar 2015 20:25:14 -0800 Cat Scratching Post Sisal photo

Cat Scratching Post Sisal “Holidays Start Deals”, You can see details of the Sisal Cat Furniture Perch Scratch Post, Brown Carpet, Buy of order online have delivery services free shipping you order from USA. [Read more Sisal Cat Furniture Perch …

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Ware Sisal and Seagrass Cat Door Scratch Post. Click for Ware Sisal and Seagrass Cat Door Scratch Post. posted at03:13:2015. Buy from Ware Sisal and Seagrass Cat Door Scratch Post Looking forWare Sisal …

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Cat trees for sale-3/8? X 100? Sisal Rope CAT SCRATCHING POST other uses.Do not Purchase before reading the info and reviews of 3/8? X 100? Sisal Rope CAT SCRATCHING POST other uses and make sure you …

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100% Hand Made Cat Scratching Post Sisal 

Molly enjoying her Cat Scratching Post purchased from – the home of quality cat scratching posts at sensible prices. All hand made in Devon with CATISFACTION GUARANTEED!

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New 71″ Sisal Cat Climbing Condo Pet House Furniture Post Kitten Scratching Tree

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Mother Nature Network How to keep scratch-happy cats off furniture If your cat has been scratching furniture legs or door frames, purchase a piece of wooden cat furniture or a cedar scratching post. … If you’re unsure of your cat’ …

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Cat Scratching Post Sisal pictures New Cat Condos 110075 Sisal Cat Scratching Post

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Safe Room For Cats – How To Organize A Safe Room For Your Cat
Time Required: 30 minutes If you have enough space and the funds, you might consider a cat tower as an alternative. Most of these have scratching substrate such as sisal cat scratching post; cat bed or tower; stainless steel or glass food and water bowls

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Word file Care Of Your Ragamuffin
This kitten has been trained to a Cat scratching post sisal  so will use them. I have many different kinds, Carpet, wood, sisal, and cardboard. She was a cat that liked to keep her distance from people. 10/30/2003 10:38:00 PM Company: OPF Other titles

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Cat Tree Natural

How To Build This Spectacular Cat Tree Natural Tree … Fri, 30 Jan 2015 09:38:56 -0800 cat tree natural photo

Cat Tree Natural. When it comes to your cats, you want to make sure that they have everything that they need for a happy, healthy and active life. You can create things for.

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cat tree natural imagescorched wood cat tree from zooplusuk – affordable modern cat tree made from natural materials. Now here’s something you don’t see every day: a medium-large cat tree which is easy on the human eye, has plenty to offer our …

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Restoration and Renovation : Natural Wood Cat Tree … Thu, 20 Mar 2014 08:17:00 -0700

Our latest home project has been this six-foot + Cat Tree Natural wood cat tree made for our youngest daughter’s cat, Dandelion. The cat is a Maine Coon mix, so it loves to climb and play, which is fun to watch- as long as it doesn’t …

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This natural cat tree is pretty cool it looks like a real cat tree, your cat will love this one For more visit us at

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cat tree natural Choose A Cat Tree

A cat’s natural instinct is to climb and get the best angle of view they can find. They were happy to see what happens. Some shapes and sizes cat tree. Such as round, square and wide and the other tree. When

choosing the right cat tree out where you want t…

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Vet offers tips to stop cats from scratching furniture  cat tree natural picture Thu, 26 Feb 2015 20:03:16 GMT

Vet offers tips to stop cats from scratching furniture San Jose Mercury News It’s better to give cats the right scratching post, in the right place, to accommodate their natural behavior. Hope this will help readers save their furniture, and their cats …

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Hoegbu Goujco

Tue Feb 24 05:44:26 +0000 2015

 Vidapets 51″ Natural white Cat Tree Play House Condo Scratcher Post Furniture – Full read by eBay: Price 48.0 USD… http:/cat tree natural images/

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ECO-ME 100% NATURAL FAMILY & PET CARE PRODUCTS! Healthy Ingredients from Our Family to Your Family OUR FAMILY TREE by ECO-ME Mia Hand Soaps (Jasmine, Citrus, Mint) NEW Eco-Me Dog & Cat Detangler Lavender * Grapefruit Sage * Lemon Citronella * Unscented … Retrieve Document

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Cat Scratching Post Reviews

NEW! Hi-Lo Modern Cat Scratching Post from Hepper … Fri, 06 Feb 2015 14:10:03 -0800 Cat Scratching Post reviews photo

Hepper has done it again! They’ve created another new cat product that is so innovative my mind is blown! Check out their new and improved Hi-Lo Cat Scratching Post. This variation on an older design has introduced some new …



Scratching Post: Cat Bites 

http://www.apicture of Cat Scratching Post Mon, 15 Dec 2014 10:30:35 -0800

Editor’s Note: The Scratching Post is a column that’s sponsored and written by the staff at NOVA Cat Clinic. Many people think that because cats are so small.

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Leo Cat Scratching Post Wed, 12 Nov 2014 14:00:00 -0800

Kitty owners can say goodbye to shredded upholstery and claw-marked table legs with the invention of the Leo Cat Scratching Post. The wooden scratching column is stabilised by a polished 28cm diameter base, created to …

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SmartCat Ultimate Cat Scratching Post/Perch Review

PLEASE OPEN! hi everyone! hope you like this review! we totally love this scratching post/perch, and so do our cats! all opinions are my own, everything was …

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 Dog Shaped Cat Scratching Post
The ‘DOG Scratchpost for cats’ is a scratchpost for cats, with a good dose of humor. Not only does DOG protect your furniture from cat Cat Scratching Post photosscratching, but it is also THE way for cats to release their frustrations on their “natural enemy”!

Every inch of rope is glued to the base, resulting in a scratch post with a very long lifespan.

Material: Polyester, Sisal. Producer: Soonsalon. Measurements: 88cm x 28cm x 71 cm. Weight: 15 Kg. Delivery time: 8 – 12 weeks

#Cat, #Dog, #Funny, #Furniture, #Scratch

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Cat Scratching Post Reviews image LOTR Litter Box & Cat Scratching Post

I want :) well, my cat wants :)

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Awesome Product Alert! Kim Jong-un and Vladimir Putin Cat Scratching Posts – One Green Planet Fri, 19 Sep 2014 20:41:24 GMT

Cat Scratching Post Reviews picture One Green Planet Awesome Product Alert! Kim Jong-un and Vladimir Putin Cat Scratching Posts. Well then, you should consider purchasing this Kim Jong-un cat scratching post! Yes, this is for real; the toy doubles as a one-of-a-kind protes …

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PurrFect Post Scores Again – Reader Reviews CatsScratching
PurrFect Post Scores Again Reader Reviews: Cats’ Scratching Posts and Scratching Pads

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Emery cat ScratcCat Scratching Post Reviewsher review – YouTube

5:15 Watch Later Error Selecting a Scratching Post for Your Cat by PetFoodDirect 1,922 views; 2:30 Watch Later Error Reviews by EmeryCatReviews1 540 views

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Armarkat Tree Makes Great Scratching Post Reader Reviews: Cats’ Scratching Posts and Scratching Pads

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Cat Condos Enclosures

Pictures of Cat Condos EnclosuresCat Environment Enrichment: Condos & Hideaways

For some of you it may not be practical or not possible to build a wall shelf for your cat in your home so this is a good alternative, a condo area.

This is a big piece of furniture that has multiple shelves on it and then it will also has scratching areas built right into it. Some will have a great little basket that cats can jump in and it’s a wonderful little sleeping place for them.

So it’s a great place for them to hide out if they like something soft and cushy to sit in.

As you can imagine cat just enjoys the shelves the cat condos come with. They make them feel like they can see everything, we know cats just love that, and they very comfortable and safe there.Cat Condos Enclosures Images

Now they will have several levels of several other selves and places for the kitties to hide.

Some come with little fabric hideaway places that they can jump into when they want to have a nice quiet nap in a warm spot. You can even put a little bed in here or some catnip in there for them to encourage them to use it.

The posts that holds the whole condo together also serve as scratching areas as they are usually covered with sisal rope.

Now another way to provide a hideyhole is to use a covered cat bed like this so that you can see inside. They have a nice soft place to curl up and it provides them a little bit of cover so they feel like they’re hiding.
Source …

The Palace Cat Condos Enclosure

The Palace is our large cat enclosure, the kit includes, steel frame door, 3 day beds, 6 steps, assembly clips and ground pegs. Made by http://catkingdomenc…

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Cat Condos Enclosures Photos

Pole Outdoor Enclosures For Cats – Pole Checkout Sat, 01 Nov 2014 00:00:00 -0700

Of lodge pole pine, heavy-duty beams that are easily built and secured into a stylish outdoor version of cat furniture. Our custom built outdoor cat condos enclosures are known for their quality. We feel that an outdoor cat enclosure is …

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Cat Condos Enclosures Great Promo Deals on All KittyWalk outdoor #catenclosures products! $10.00 coupon code GET10 and Buy one Get one Free Cat Condo Deal!

Big Selection of Cat enclosures systems


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Pictures of Cat Condos Enclosures

Catio is new outdoor cat enclosure, a cat condo for outside … Thu, 29 Sep 2011 15:45:42 -0700

(Cat Condos Enclosures) Global Animal keeps getting requests for information on kitty condos and outdoor cat enclosures. Here’s an excellent article from the New York Times. It’s not a patio, it’s a Catio! And cat guardians say it’s …

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Create feline friendly surroundings: Cat condos made with real tree bark, like those available from Check out fora variety of enclosures. Keeping your indoor-cat’s mind stimulated is important for the overall wellbeing and happiness of your

Pictures of Cat Condos Enclosures

PDF file Most cats Dread Travel While Some Are Comfortable And Even …
Be sure the facility offers large open cat condos enclosures . These are often referred to as cat condos. Cats get defensive and depressed in standard cages, but if they have multiple levels and can see the out of doors, … View Full Source

  Why I Choose To Keep My Cat Indoors – Or Allow Him Outdoors
I work at a cat shelter, the things I hear on a daily basis would make your skin crawl. My cats mean everything to me I would never put them in jeopardy They have large condos in front of I advocate outdoor enclosures to allow cats the sense of being “free” while protecting them from harm.

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