Why We Need Pet Pens.

Pet pens can cpet pens imageome in handy, if  your pet  is becoming overly enthusiastic or aggressive  during play time and you constantly have to fend them off of you.  Then it continues during other daily activities which can be annoying or even  dangerous for the family and the pet itself!
All this even after you have tried teaching them not to do this for quite some time, it only goes through one ear and out the other.

If your training has failed – it might be time to step up and do something about it, then getting one of the many well made and secure pet pens available today, is maybe what you need.

There are many pet owners who do not have the luxury of a backyard for their dog  or cat to run so they end up being an inside pet. Other people have backyards that aren’t safe enough for the dog to run around.

For instance, your latest project has a pile of sharp barb wire in the corner of the yard while one side of the fence is missing. This could allow a quick escape route for your dog which is something we definitely don’t want!

We should be thankful for the invention of pet pens because they offer us everything our backyard doesn’t.

You can find a wide arrange of pet pens available today in many styles and different functions. The first thing you would want  to do is decide on it the size of the pen you need. Of course the aesthetics need not be forgotten as they come in various styles not just the wire fence type pen.

Using this product is very simple. All you have to do is use the pen latch which could be located in multiple places. Most of them have the latch at the top or on the exterior of the pen – leading to the very base.

Remember that we want to find a pen that is relatively large for the size of your pet so they have enough room for playing but enough room for you or any guests to get by. Having a pool size pet pen that consumes your whole apartment is most likely not something your spouse would want to come home too.

Depending upon the you decide to get, it can have a number of safety features. For example, if we take one into mind – I can show you some of those features.

The Richell Wooden Pet Pen has a double slide, locking door that is easy to step out of but won’t send your dog or other pets in a hurry.pet pens wood

Another safety feature is the full panel coverage. It ensures the wires don’t get crushed by having wooden panels along each side to make this pet cage sturdy.

This also makes it so your dog can’t escape quickly by jumping over the pen. You even get a floor tray just in case your pets have any accidents.

Pet pens sure can make life easier for you when trying to get something done without interruptions from your overly enthusiastic or aggresive  pet or just want to keep them safe in the backyard.

Pet pens allow you to safely house your pet  while they still get to enjoy the fresh air and sights and sounds of the great outdoors.

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Pet Beds: How to find the right Pet Bed

Finding the right pet bed for your beloved dog or cat may seem easy, but there are a couple of things you’ll want to consider before taking a trip to the pet store.
There are practically hundreds of pet beds to choose from. A more detailed insight on pet beds will allow you to find the right type of materials and design that best fits you and your pets needs.
You will also want to be sensitive to the size of your pet bed. Many pet beds can come in sizes like extra small, small, medium, large, or extra large. It really depends on the type of animal you have and their overall sleeping style.

Here are just a few tips to help you find the right pet bed.

Weather it be online or in the pet shop. Think about your pet for awhile, how do they like to rest?  what kind of areas do they like to lay down in? what kind of resting position do they prefer? it will give you an idea of what bed will suit them best.

You’ll need to remember specific details on the type of materials your pet doesn’t like and the types they do like. If you don’t recall, you can always do a test.

Put away their older pet bed and set down two bed sheets on the floor. One should be made from cotton and the other from suede or another material you have in mind.

See which one they go to lie down on first. If they don’t lay on either of the sheets, they may be undecided about the new items on the floor.

In this case, you might need to put down an enclosed gate and place your pet inside, with the materials on the floor. Make sure there is no room for the original floor. See which side they go to and you’ll know which material they prefer.

Take a look at how your pet sleeps. For instance, does your cat sleep curled up or with their legs sprawled outwards?

If they always sleep with their legs out, you should find one of the pet beds that is one size larger than them so they will have enough space. Otherwise, there is a good chance they won’t sleep in their bed because it is too small for their sleeping style.

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Heated Outdoor Dog House

Heated dog house pads.

Let’s talk about using heated dog house pads.picture of heated dog pad

Several companies make heated dog house pads for dogs but you want to be careful with anything you use that is heated with dogs obviously. Check with your veterinarian first.

Heat is great for back problems, joint problems, that sort of thing but at the same time it can make certain things worse as in skin diseases, wounds, not necessarily wounds all the time but say allergic skin disease or flea allergy may get worse when that thing is heated so always check with your veterinarian first to make sure it is appropriate.

Secondly with heat generally a lot of those types of heating pads they are either on or off and so you always want a liner or multiple liners or heated outdoor dog house picturetowels or blankets over top of a heated pad because you want a barrier in between.

You never want an animal lying right against a heat source because that can cause problems and the last concept is supervision.

You never want to do something like this and leave your pet unsupervised and leave it on for long periods of time.

It is only appropriate obviously to use it at certain times of the year and not when it is very hot outside or something like that.

Heated dog beds on the inside of the house is the same sort of principle just don’t use anything, use barriers in between and don’t use anything that is going to get really hot and make sure they don’t have any underlying skin diseases.
Source …


Insulated dog house with heated floor and temperature regulator

http://www.casutecatei.ro/ Insulated and heated floor custom buit dog house with temperature regulator.

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How To Build A Dog House – Google Books

Heated Outdoor Dog House There’s no question that everybody needs a place of his/her own, and canines are not any exception. The value of your dog having a comfy quality dog house can’t be overestimated. Defense against weather and elements assist to prolong and boost the quality of life for outdoor dogs. Thus, if you wish to provide your dog with the care he deserves, a superb dog house is thPictures of Heated Outdoor Dog Housee proper way to make your dog comfortable in any weather conditions. A number of dog owners are handy with a hammer and saw and they can construct a pet shelter for their dogs based on dog house plans or specs. Other people can buy ready- made dog houses or order to build one to their pet’s needs and their own inclinations. The style of the dog house should feature comfort and ease for your dog in both the extreme cold, and hot weather. A dog house must be strong, long lasting, well-built and structurally sound to give your canine friend the most security in any conditions and to provide the best outdoor protection available. Insulated dog houses keep your dogs warm in the winter and cool in the summer. And it’s very important to pick the right size of house for your dog. Not surprising, there have been a huge selection of different dog house styles year after year, and some of them being real artworks. The key goal though is to give the comfortable and safe place for your dog and care for his well-being and health.

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Pet Strollers Carrier

 The Pet Gear AT3 Generation 2 Pet stroller

The Pet Gear AT3 Generation 2 All Terrain Pet Stroller is a stylish and rugged unit to safely take your dogs walking with you. pet strollers carrier image

Easy to use, smooth riding, front and rear entry for your dog, plenty of extra storage and capable for carrying pets up to 60lbs in weight.

A Guide to Dog and Pet Strollers 

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Supplier Liability Insurance Matrix
Pet supplies- such as pet apparel, pet food, pet accessories, and pet chews • Cribs, car seats, play pens, strollers, highchairs, etc • Bar-B-Ques (charcoal) excluding propane; Fire pits … View Full Source

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How to choose a puppy

How to choose a puppy best suited to you and your family? This question interests everyone who wants to have a pet. The ideal age to buy a puppy is between the 8th and 10th weeks.

However, this depends on the species. Since small dogs grow faster than large-sized dogs. The basic rule to remember is – Do not take possession your puppy immediately after weaning. At the age of 7 weeks, he still does not have the maturity to fully master the language of symbols, peculiar to its breed. This puppy needs to understands the language when communicating with other dogs.   How to choose a puppy

However, do not wait too long. After 4 months, the dog will become more difficult to adjust to its new surroundings. But if the puppy has not had the opportunity to learn and develop their communication skills, it is recommended to take the puppy away from his mother at a later age. There are circumstances when it is not necessary to rush to the puppy into adapting to an unfamiliar environment.

Finally comes the important day. The family can not wait to choose a new puppy. But how to make the right choice between the hundreds of breeds and their temperaments. It is not easy even to decide which of the puppies is cuter. Before you take your puppy home, it is important to consider: whether this constant and faithful companion will easily adapt to the way of life of its new master, when he grows up, and vice versa.

When it comes to selecting a puppy, do take the time to careful consider all the circumstances of your household to avoid mistakes. Ask yourself – “Why do you want a dog?” Read books and articles about the features and behavior of the adult dog of the breed you are interested in. Naturally, there are crucial factors such as the size and weight of the animal.

A small dog will be easier to control and needs less space to exercise. A large dog weighing more than 50 kilograms can be more headstronghow to choose a puppy and needs more area for living space, Whether it corresponds to the size of your apartment, whether the owner has enough time to devote to

You should also think about the preferred sex of the animal? If you are going to participate in dog sports is obviously the best choice would be a male. If you need a dog with a strong character, but you can not call yourself an experienced trainer, maybe a bitch is what you are looking for. Because it is less dominant and more obedient.

Also you need to consider the gender of other dogs that already live in the house. The character of a dog also depends on many factors. Most breeds have hereditary reproduction of certain personality traits. However, 2 dogs who are in kinship may have quite different character. It depends on the conditions of their maintenance and education. This is why it is important to know about their early life conditions and training. hopefully this will help you pick the right puppy for you.

Next you would need to prepare your home for its newest member. Look into getting the personal items a dog requires such as a suitable leash, food bowl and good appropriate food for the breed,  a kennel with a pet bed for the dog to rest in. Some pet toys which puppies love to play with. The next thing would be to research about the best ways to house train your new pet. A first visit to the vet to have the dogs overall present health and future health outlook, as soon as possible is certainly advised as well.


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how to choose a puppy picture EVERYTHING PUPPIES! Your Expert Source for Puppy Health Care, Behavior & Training Nothing beats a cute puppy for love, but proper puppy care and training prepares you and your new dog for a healthy and long life together. Written by About.com Puppies Expert Amy Shojai, this up to date new guide provides a “Puppies 101” packed with veterinary facts, health care advice, how-to tips, and fascinating information about: · Choosing, training and communicating with your new puppy · Pros and cons of purebred versus shelter/rescue sources · Understanding common behavior problems and how to prevent them · Food, grooming and humane training recommendations · Tips for introducing your puppy to adult dogs, cats, babies and kids · The latest veterinary recommendations for preventive care · How to recognizing common health issues, and what to do · First aid and home remedies that save you money—and your puppy’s life! · More than two-dozen SQUEE! cute puppy pictures · Canine legends, myths and fun puppy facts including: Why puppies drink from the toilet, why dogs act guilty, reasons dogs hump your leg, and more! Nearly half of United States homes keep over 83 million pet dogs and puppies. That’s a lot of furry love! COMPLETE PUPPY CARE empowers you with all the information necessary for your puppy to grow up into the happy, healthy dog you both deserve. For more dog care advice refer to: ComPETability: Solving Behavior Problems In Your Multi-DOG Household ComPETability: Solving Behavior Problems In Your CAT/DOG Household Complete Care for Your Aging Dog Pet Care in the New Century: Cutting Edge Medicine for Dogs And Cats

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Luxury Cat Condo

Cat Condos – Cozy Cat Furniture

http://www.cozycatfurniture.com/ Sun, 27 Apr 2014 05:22:30 -0700

Our site iluxury cat condo images designed to easily guide you to the perfect size cat condo furniture, fancy kitty condos or large cat condo trees for the most playful cats.

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Wheeled Pet Carrier Airline Approved

 How to Travel by Air with a Pet.

Follow these steps to keep your pet safe while you’re on a plane.

You will need Health and vaccination records A heavy-duty travel crate Appropriate crate labels and an old towel, shirt, or cushion.

Step 1.

Contact the airline directly to make arrangements for your pet.

Airlines often restrict the number of pets that can be on a single flight.

Book a flight in the morning or evening when the weather is cooler, and avoid travel during busy times like holidays and weekends to avoid long delays.

Step 2.Wheeled Pet Carrier Airline Approved

Learn about any specific rules or regulations from the airline.

Check to see if they allow small pets in the cabin.

Step 3.

Get copies of current health certificates and vaccination records from your veterinarian.

Keep one copy with you, and one secured to your pet’s crate.

Don’t sedate your dog unless your veterinarian tells you to.

Pets will be better able to regulate their body temperature if they’re awake.

Step 4.

Buy a heavy-duty, USDA-approved pet crate.

Add large labels indicating the contents and your contact information.

Step 5.Pictures of Wheeled Pet Carrier Airline Approved

Put a towel, an old shirt, or other cushion in the bottom of the pet’s crate to keep them comfortable during the trip.

Avoid feeding your pet for three to four hours before flying to limit the chance of motion sickness.


Follow your airline’s regulations regarding boarding your pet.

Step 7.

Pick up your pe tat the baggage claim area.

Take them outside for a bathroom break, and give them a little treat for being a good traveler.

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Airline Approved Dog Carrier From Designer K9

http://www.designerk9.com/airline-approved-dog-carrier The Snoozer Roll Around Dog Carrier is an airline approved dog, cat, and pet carrier that makes travel…

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